This website has been designed for a dual purpose:

1. to support marsdens.ca, the autobiography of Anne and Dave Marsden. 

2. to motivate the Ontario municipal electorate to cast informed  votes on October 22, 2018 and help write the closing chapter of marsdens.ca.

About the Book

marsdens.ca will be published in Spring, 2019 with book launch day April 9, 2019. The book deals with multiple government injustices and Anne and Dave Marsden (The Marsdens) efforts to resolve them in the best interests of Canadian families. 

About the Author

ANNE MARSDEN is a nationally referenced quality assurance consultant who joined forces with her husband Dave to advocate for Canadian families using their joint expertise in legislation compliance audits.  Anne presented a paper based on her mother's interaction with the Halton health care system to an international conference which joined those of lawyers, academics and doctors to become an international education tool.