We have many testimonials in terms of our pro bono work that seeks the well-being of all who call Canada home and utilization of tax dollars within rule of law. There is only one, however, from a judge. In section (140) of Marsden vs. Taylor 2006 CanLII34124 (ONSC) Reasons for Judgment Justice Quigley says: 


The Marsdens appeared in front of me for a number of hours on three separate occasions and I had ample opportunity to observe first-hand the fiery, dedicated and fiercely determined manner in which Mrs. Marsden undertook her decision-making responsibilities on behalf of her late mother, Mrs. Bourgoin.”


Dave may not seem as fiery (which I prefer to describe as passionate) dedicated and determined in the protection of the democratic principles embedded in our Constitution as I am. However, let me assure readers he is. He just does not feel as comfortable publicly expressing himself as I do.


Dave and I arrived in Canada in 1971 completely oblivious of its dark history in terms of internments and seizure of property by the Canadian government. It was last year when researching the issues covered in this book that we learnt thirty-three years ago Prime Minister Mulroney publicly acknowledged Canadian government wrong doing in this regard. After addressing the issues he gave what we believe was a sincere promise to the people of Canada


“……and our solemn commitment and undertaking to Canadians of every origin that such violations will never again in this country be countenanced or repeated.”


Dave and I thought when we applied for landed immigrant status that this commitment was already firmly in place and would be strongly and willingly enforced. Whether called confiscation of property and internment, the language of Prime Minister Mulroney, or theft and forcible confinement as we call it; it should not make any difference when we proclaim to the world as often as we do that we live under rule of law.   


This autobiography opens up our health, safety and access files and reveals the ability of all levels of government to openly and secretly operate outside of rule of law. Even more important in terms of citizen well-being, readers will learn how easy it is in Canada to silence those who are as committed as we are to exposing the truth. 


Anne and Dave

Anne and Dave Marsden

Community Health, Safety and Access Advocates

March 19, 2019*


*It is fitting that this introduction to a series of books about our Canadian experiences is dated March 19, 2019; the first anniversary of Dave’s brother Ken’s passing.   As readers will learn, the love Dave and Ken had for each other initiated this series being written.