This is the first of a series of books that covers the auto-biography of Anne and Dave Marsden a young couple in their twenties who came to Canada from the town of Billingham, England in 1971 for a two year working adventure.   It is the intention of Dave and I that this book educates the Canadian electorate as to why they must do their part to stop a very small percentage of eligible voters choosing who we give the power to spend billions of our hard earned dollars.  That does not only mean honouring all the sacrifices that give us the privilege to vote.  It also means that we know who and what we are voting for.   We must never forget Hitler was elected.


While we have many testimonials as to our work to assist Canadian families obtain justice through use of nothing but the truth, we only have one from a Judge, Justice Quigley.   In section (140) of Marsden vs. Taylor 2006 CanLII34124 (ONSC) Reasons for Judgment Justice Quigley set out what we believe is a true testimonial to our ongoing efforts to get justice for Canadian families for the past three decades.


The Marsdens appeared in front of me for a number of hours on three separate occasions and I had ample opportunity to observe first-hand the fiery, dedicated and fiercely determined manner in which Mrs. Marsden undertook her decision-making responsibilities on behalf of her late mother, Mrs. Bourgoin.”


While Dave may not seem as fiery (which I prefer to describe as passionate) dedicated and determined in the protection of the democratic principles embedded in our Constitution through “Rule of Law``; let me assure readers he is. He just does not feel as comfortable publicly expressing himself as I do.


Dave and I arrived in Canada in 1971 completely oblivious of its dark history in terms of internments and seizure of property based, for the most part, on where a person was born.  Until September 18, 2018, we had no idea that thirty years ago then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney began a series of acknowledgments of Canadian government wrong doing from the distant past and made a commitment to the people of Canada


“……and our solemn commitment and undertaking to Canadians of every origin that such violations will never again in this country be countenanced or repeated.”


Perhaps Dave and I are very naïve but we had thought when we applied for landed immigrant status that this commitment was already firmly in place and would be strongly and willingly enforced under the Criminal Code of Canada. Whether called confiscation of property and internment or theft and forcible confinement should not make any difference to those who have committed to serve and protect the residents of Canada who are part of their community.   


Fast forward from 1988 to a Milton Downtown BIA debate for Milton Mayor and Ward 1 candidates which we attended on September 19, 2018. We will never forget the shocked look on community and candidate faces alike when one of the candidates revealed that while door knocking he had had a couple of conversations with local police officers around criminal activity being under reported.   One candidate exclaimed after I had brought attention to this statement and the purpose of this book “If this is true, then shame on us”.  Candidates and electorate alike nodded their heads in agreement.


Dave and I were at the debate because I was a registered candidate for Halton Chair in the 2018 Ontario municipal election October 22, 2018.  We were both keen to learn the issues that affected one of the municipalities I had been nominated to serve.  Never, did I expect to hear one of the Milton issues would correspond with the experiences we were determined would be brought to the public`s attention through this book in the Spring of 2019.   The book not only addresses the failure of all levels of our governments to appropriately address well evidenced criminal issues,  it gives readers some insight into  our hard-earned  tax dollars being used to protect those who have brought harm to Canadian residents and are intent on burying the evidence of their involvement.    As our story unfolds readers can judge for themselves whether, the practices which Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sincerely committed to being terminated, actually were. 


Dave in particular has a stellar reputation for being right in terms of evidence of criminal activity he has put forward to Halton Regional Police that has led to prosecutions related to grow operations in the town of Oakville.   At the Crown’s invitation he also participated in the court process as an expert witness.   It is bewildering; therefore, when our efforts since 1997 to address well evidenced matters that particularly impact the voiceless and vulnerable in our community or democratic principles we all hold high, are ignored.  


Never again means never again.  We look forward to working with the Honourable Caroline Mulroney to have her father’s commitment begin to ring true for the generation she can impact.   We firmly believe she has been placed in the position of Ontario Attorney`s General to do what is necessary to ensure it does.  No matter your political stripe, readers must surely agree she has your support to return our Canada to one we can proudly sing with one voice ``Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.``


Anne and Dave Marsden

Community Health, Safety and Access Advocates

January 7, 2019