Index of Books in this first in the series trilogy:

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Book One – The Marsdens

Book Two – “Eva Bourgoin et al”

Book Three – The Sins of the Fathers


August 25, 1971 Anne and Dave Marsden left England for a two year Canadian adventure.  They were soon offered career opportunities that affected their plans.  They settled in Burlington, presently one of four municipalities in Ontario`s Region of Halton.   Anne's mother Eva joined them in 1979.  In 1989 Eva fell in love and married a fellow resident at her Halton Region old age/retirement home, Ben Bourgoin.  Her marriage and subsequent widowhood commenced a “battle royale” with all levels of government. A battle her family had thought would only exist in a very creative piece of fiction.


The Marsdens open up their health, safety and access files associated with their pro bono advocacy ministry that serves a very diverse clientele.   As the facts from the files are transferred to readers, they will learn how Canadian governments at all levels can and do openly and secretly operate outside rule of law.  Secret decisions, some deathly, are exposed.  Those who buried them believed they would never see the light of day.  Eva and her family’s tenacity for truth, however, have been grossly under-estimated.  Eva passed on April 9, 2006. She continues to tell her story from the grave through her family.   Her family and many of her friends believe she will become a well-loved international heroine, just like Erin Brockovich, once her story is disclosed.  “Eva Bourgoin et al” is a must read.   One day you and your family could face the very same challenges as Eva did. Challenges that it is hard to believe exist, but they do!