"Pro Bono Advocates Serving Canadian families since 1990"


This website has been designed for a dual purpose:

  • 1 To bring attention to Canadian government bodies and elected officials who openly or secretly operate outside rule of law.
  • 2 Share the shocking content of The Marsdens’ files.


Anne is a nationally referenced quality assurance consultant who joined forces with her husband Dave to advocate for Canadian families using their joint expertise in legislation compliance audits. Anne presented a paper based on her mother's interaction with the Halton/Ontario health care system to an international conference. It joined those of lawyers, academics and doctors to become an international education tool.

Dave’s audit skills have been utilized on numerous occasions by police, justices of the peace and crown attorneys to ensure safe communities. These same skills were used by him to return significant amounts of money to the coffers of a hydro corporation and those it served when the appropriate authorities failed to do so.

Anne and Dave live in Burlington, Ontario and have a summer home near Buckhorn, Ontario. "Marsdens’ Grotto" as they call it is an ideal environment to write or enjoy entertaining their family and growing number of grandchildren. The Marsdens are known for the pro bono highly competent services they offered to families of all faiths and their commitment to "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 NIV

A Special Thanks...

The truth behind this website and the associated reports and books written or in progress must be heard. It has been suppressed for far too long. There would have been no website, books or reports but for Anne’s parents’ faith that she would prove to be a useful citizen. They refused to listen to those who said differently based on Anne’s significant congenital disability. Anne’s mother Eva Bourgoin and her, brother Roy Stevens have given sacrificially to ensure this truth is known. There were many times when Anne wondered, and still does, if she can continue to give what is needed to submit her first acceptable for publishing final manuscript.

That is why her first book “marsdens.ca” has been made available in draft form to those government officials who can join the Marsdens in advocating for change to what the sacrificial giving of millions leads us to expect we should have; total commitment to Honouring the Sacrifices of all our wars embedded in the Canadian family’s constitutional right to enjoy Rule of Law. Thank you to Ted Barris author of "Days of Victory", Deborah Vadas Levison for her book “The Crate” and to Sharon Shore author of “No Moral Conscience”.  These non-fiction books that read like novels have encouraged us to complete the difficult and some would say, impossible, task that remains before us i.e. have all levels of Canadian governments  properly enforce accountability under Rule of Law  for elected and appointed government officials who are evidenced as acting outside of such.