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Book I

Chance to Dance and So Much More - Setting the Stage 1944-1995

Book II

Eva Bourgoin et al - Speaking for the dead to protect Canadian families

Book III

The Sins of the Fathers - Decisions of the “Best” that Dishonour 2010-2018



August 25, 1971 Anne and Dave Marsden left England for a two year Canadian adventure. They were soon offered career opportunities that affected their plans. Anne's mother Eva joined them in 1979. After retiring and taking up residence in an old age home Eva fell in love and married a fellow resident. Her marriage and subsequent widowhood commenced a “battle royale” with all levels of Canadian governments.  Eva died in hospital in suspicious circumstances in 2006; circumstances that are tied to at least another ninety hospital patient deaths.  The evidenced facts that her death and ninety others were homicides as categorized by the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario (OCCO) became an unaddressed OCCO death investigation entitled Eva Bourgoin et al. The evidenced facts related to these hospital homicides have been buried by, among others, those whose job it is to ensure no Ontario death is ignored. Those who buried the evidence thought the deathly secrets were safe from discovery.  However, they under-estimated Eva and her family`s tenacity for truth.  This family`s story that began with the trauma of World War II could be yours.